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Encore 1/2 size Classical Guitar Outfit

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Encore 1/2 Classic Guitar Outfits

Encore Classic Guitars have enjoyed a market-leading reputation for many years as the #1 choice for student classical instruments.
•These easy-to-get-on-with guitars are the ideal way to begin learning the exciting skills of playing classical guitar, at any age.
•These Encores are designed to fit student and beginner players of all ages and hand sizes.
• Light and responsive, these instruments offer a smooth, well-defined nylon string tonality with good note detail and a lively resonance in the sound.
• Guitar
• Bag
• Pitch Pipe
• Set of Strings
• Encore Play Now Tutorial DVD.

Encore acoustic guitars are expertly constructed, full size, big-sounding instruments.

They offer a pleasantly crisp and bright tone with an impressive ringing sustain.

Responsive and easy to play, they make an ideal instrument on which to begin your journey of learning guitar.

NOW: £72.99